Organizing Against Democracy


Book Title Organizing Against Democracy
Author Name Antonis A. Ellinas
Publishing house Cambridge University Press
Country – city UK
Date of issue 2020
Number of pages 281[/table]

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Organizing Against Democracy investigates some of the most important challenges modern democracies face, filling a distinctive gap in the literature, both empirically and theoretically.

Ellinas examines the attempts of three of the most extreme European far-right parties to establish roots in local societies, and the responses of democratic actors.

He offers a theory of local party development to analyze the many factors affecting the evolution of far-right parties at the subnational level.

Using extraordinarily rich data, the author examines the ‘lives’ of local far-right party organizations in Greece, Germany and Slovakia, studying thousands of party activities and interviewing dozens of party leaders and functionaries, and antifascists.

 He goes on to explore how and why extreme parties succeed in some local settings while, in others, they fail. This book broadens our understanding of right-wing extremism, illuminating the factors limiting its corrosiveness.